Our Kiga Team

Teamleader of the Little Daisies Kindergarten Artemis Maletsikou

Artemis Maletsikou (*1992)
Artemis first studied Early Childhood Education, then Education Management in England. She especially loves to do experiments with children, enabling them to explore things around them. She has been lucky enough to have been taught by some truly inspirational teachers. Her own passion for working with children extends from her desire to emulate these role models and perform this inspirational function in the lives of her students. Artemis speaks English with the children.

Kindergarten Teacher Patrick Stamm

Patrick Stamm (*1978)
Before Patrick came to Little Daisies he worked for six years at a German bilingual kindergarten / preschool in Berkeley, California. Patrick loves to work with kids, because no day is like the other with them. One of the most important aspects in his work at Little Daisies is to help the children achieve creative and autonomous thinking and to help them to get ready for school. Patrick is doing the German Preschool and the “Vorkurs Deutsch” with the                                                           children.

Berufspraktikantin Trang Do

Trang Do (*1996)
Trang is completing the final year of her student teaching program with us at Little Daisies kindergarten to become a qualified main teacher. She has already finished her training to become second teacher in a group (Kinderpfleger). For Trang, it is most interesting and rewarding to accompany each child on their individual journey in life.

Kindergarten teacher Jacob Burwood

Jacob Burwood (*1994)
Jacob worked in Spain as a language teacher, particularly with younger children. Since September 2018 Jacob has started his 4 year-long studies to become a teacher while at the same time still working at Little Daisies. As his mother tongue is English, he speaks English with the children. Jacob grew up in a wooded area near Paris and therefore gives much importance to the outdoors and nature. He especially likes getting the children involved in                                                           physical activities.