Our Kiga Team

Alison Gabage (*1994)
Alison is the center leader of the kindergarten. She studied Early Childhood and Special Education in the US. The past four years, she worked in a bilingual kindergarten in Munich. Alison enjoys the ability to incorporate many of her own skills and hobbies, like crafting, creating, baking and excursions in nature into her daily work with children. She also loves to use everyday items to make something completely unexpected. Alison speaks English with the children.

Trang Do (*1996)
Trang has completed her final year of her student teaching program with us at Little Daisies kindergarten two years ago and now leads the kindergarten group. For Trang, it is most interesting and rewarding to accompany each child on their individual journey in life. Trang speaks German with the children.

Tapash Das (*1986)
Tapash studied „Education” during his Bachelor’s and Master’s studies. Since then he worked as a teacher and also trained teachers. He believes children are our future in every aspect and wants to support them in their mental and physical development to have the most of this chapter in their life. He is from Bangladesh and speaks English with the children.

Charlotte Renner (*1999)

Charlotte completed in August 2022 her training to become a state-approved educator. She enjoys being creative with kids and being outside with them. She can be enthusiastic about the world from the perspective of the children and loves to philosophize with them about their topics. Charlotte works half in the indoor group and half in the outdoor group, she speaks German with the children.

Kaja Prasnikar (*2002)
Kaja is originally from Slovenia, where she obtained a bachelors’ degree in Social Pedagogy. She enjoys being outdoors and using different creative techniques when working with children. Furthermore she likes to incorporate environmental and multicultural questions in her daily work with the children. Kaja speaks English with the children.

Elena Altsädtler (*2003)
Elena is doing her internship this year to become main teacher qualified. She worked already two years as qualified assistant teacher in another kindergarten. Elena enjoys discovering the world with the children and experiencing something new every day. She particularly enjoys doing children’s yoga; it’s about having fun doing the movements together and becoming aware of the body.

Mara Müller (*2004)
Mara completed her high-school diploma and is now starting her federal voluntary service in our kindergarten. Through a previous internship in another daycare center and babysitting for children, she has some experience in dealing with children. She enjoys working with people, especially young people, and is very much looking forward to her year as volunteer. Mara speaks German with the children.

Kindergarten Teacher Patrick Stamm

Patrick Stamm (*1978)
Before Patrick came to Little Daisies he worked at a German bilingual kindergarten in California. Patrick loves to work with children, because no day is like the other with them. Patrick consults the team in his role as “Fachkraft Sprache” in the areas of language, integration and parent-partnership. Furthermore Patrick is doing the German Preschool and the “Vorkurs Deutsch” in the kindergarten.

Kindergarten teacher Jacob Burwood

Jacob Burwood (*1994)
Jacob completed his teacher assistand training with Little Daisies. As his mother tongue is English, he speaks English with the children. He especially likes getting the children involved in physical activities. Jacob started studying this year and is with us part-time.