Our Crèche Team

Erzieherin Mia Beyer

Mia Beyer (*1995)
Mia stayed at Little Daisies after her student teaching year with us and is now leading the Butterfly Group. On top she is the center leader of the crèche. Mia really enjoys doing creative activities with the children, because through creativity, one can express their impressions and experiences. She also enjoys supporting the children in their all around development. Mia speaks German with the children.

Kinderpflegerin Michelle Greiner

Michelle Greiner (*1994)
Michelle supports the Butterfly team as a teacher’s assistant. After she graduated, she worked for three months in a boarding school and kindergarten in Sril Lanka. Michelle enjoys that children learn and discover new things every day. She especially enjoys offering creative activities in order to support the development of their senses.

Ergänzungskraft Paulina Salgado

Paulina Salgado (*1993)
Paulina studied Psychology in Mexico. She worked with kids in poor and rural areas of Mexico promoting self-awareness. One of her passions in life is enhancing mindfulness in children, like mindful eating, emotions and feelings. Seeing how the kids develop compassion, focus, empathy, curiosity and happiness is her main motivation. Paulina works in the Butterfly group and speaks English. Once a week she is working for an hour in our kindergarten as mindfulness teacher.

Lyndsay Cook (*1987)
Lyndsay is an Early Years Teacher from Birmingham, UK. She worked in Germany as a teaching assistant for 2.5 years in an international kindergarten. Lyndsay enjoys being creative and doing hands-on activities as well as spending time outside. She loves to watch children grow and learn, and especially to support them in the area of language development.

Gruppenleitung Butterfly Barbara Ramos

Barbara Ramos Picado (*1982)
Barbara is leading the Caterpillar group together with Thu. She holds a diploma in Early Years Education and another in Special Education from Spain. She has international experience working as an art teacher in London in a Reggio Emilia kindergarten. Barbara loves using art as a tool of self-expression and to offer the children the tools they need to be happy, safe and amazing! Barbara speaks English with the children.

Main teacher Thu Bui

Thu Bui (*1995)
Thu is a qualified main teacher; she leads together with Barbara the Caterpillar group. It is important to Thu that the children feel comfortable with her. She wants the children to reach their full potential, and to continue developing their strengths through multiple platforms. She sees something special in each child. Thu speaks German with the children.

Jeannine (*1984)
Jeannine spent the last 6 years in Strasbourg in a German-French crèche. Before that, she had experience with children from other age groups, but working with crèche children is what she enjoys most. It is important to Jeannine that the children are curious about their interests and their abilities and can try out and learn new things. They should be happy, self-determined and allowed to be “themselves” – exactly as they are! Jeannine would also like to convey to the children through her own active example how important values ​​such as empathy, appreciation, charity, respect, acceptance and authenticity are.

Connor Messerschmidt (*2000)
Connor is doing his federal voluntary service in our kindergarten this year. Connor has a large family and already a nephew with whom he likes to spend a lot of time. Before Connor came to us, he attended the Montessori college, specializing in agriculture, bio- and environmental technology. Therefore, Connor has a lot of fun being able to support the children with his creative and scientific ideas.

Patrick Stamm (*1978)
Before Patrick came to Little Daisies he worked for six years at a German bilingual kindergarten / preschool in Berkeley, California. Patrick loves to work with children, because no day is like the other with them. Patrick consults the crèche as well as the kindergarten team in his role as “Fachkraft Sprache” in the areas of language, integration and parent-partnership. Furthermore Patrick is doing the German Preschool and the “Vorkurs Deutsch” with the kindergarten children.   

Madhuchandrika Pany (*1974)
Since childhood Madhu loves children and always wanted to work with them. She has worked for various social institutions for children in India. Currently she is pursuing her diploma in Early Child Care Education. Madhu especially helps us in our inclusive work. She believes that every child is special and has his/her own unique talent. Madhu speaks English with the children.